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2009 Campaign flyer paid for by Friends of Mike Spence
391 E. Michelle, West Covina, CA 91790
Mike Spence's home address and campaign headquarters
When confronted by public outrage over his comment
"I am sorry I put my name on it, not that I sent it."

Background Information

For 22 years Mike Spence has sat on the West Covina School Board.  During those 22 years, instead of concentrating on improving education, Spence used his position to argue his extreme positions on race, religion, guns, sexual orientation, marriage, and other divisive issues unrelated to education.

Mike Spence listens to one person - Mike Spence.  If you disagree with him, you are ignored, belittled, or become a member of Spence's enemies list.  Spence wants things his way and nothing is off limits in order to get his way.  Mike Spence shows his true colors using racially incentive campaign tactics - wear a hoodie, be a certain skin color, you are bad, out to cause trouble.

Now, Mike Spence wants to bring his intolerant, take not prisoners, bullying attitude to the West Covina City Council.

Spence will seldom stand behind his own written or verbal comments.  Spence will write or make comments reflecting his true attitudes on issues, then will deny he wrote or made those comments, even when presented with recording or his own written statements.

This page contains some of the memorable quotes and stances on issues from Mike Spence.
Guns Everyone should be allowed to carry them on school property - EVERYONE
Race Makes insensitve comments about hispanic leader holiday, candidate family, and cruel racial profiling political flyer
Employees Make work environment intolerable.
Gays and Lesbians Never hire, no rights.
Women Against a woman's right to make any choice of her own.
Religion Wants mandatory prayers in schools.
of Schools Property
Supported in the past.  Made contributions and endorsed candidates supporting development at city hall.
Supports Outsourcing Wants for-profit corporations to run education. Will support outsourcing of West Covina Police and Fire to Los Angeles County.
No Faith
in Education
Children attend independent charter school located in West Covina and he is a public school board member.
Approved $10,000
Executive Bonus
Approved bonus to top district executive already making over $200,000 per year while voting against salary increases for teachers.


"Any Republican accepting union donations is bought and paid for by the union."
Sought and Accepted support from West Covina Police Officers and Fire Fighter Associations
Historical note:  Ronald Reagan (Spence Hero) supported by Teamsters Union in 1984
Mike Spence supported by Teachers Union in 1990's
Spence complains about it - he probably did it
Campaign flyer designed and published by Mike Spence 2009
Please review Mike Spence's donors and income - Who has bought and paid for Mike Spence?

"Save the Whales...Your Fatty Patty...Burley Hurley...Obese Clarrise”
Comments to describe children impacted by AB 2352 (Obese Children Protection)
Flash Report (March 2008)

"There are no hungry children in West Covina. If there are any, it's because their parents are using welfare money for drugs."
Comment made when voting against school lunch progam - This one made the Congressional Record.
Spence takes credit for it, but he did not say it.
Spence has voted against feeding hungry children every year on the school board
LA Times (1994)

"I cannot represent the board majority, thus I refuse to be Board President."
Comment made when turning down leadership of School District.
Reflects Spence's inability to work with people who disagree with him.
Board Meeting (December 2008)

"...should not hire any cookies."
Comment regarding the hiring of Gay and Lesbian Applicants
(Part of deposition given in lawsuit)

"The people supporting the Superintendent are just doing it
because they work for her or are just political operatives
 with no ties to West Covina"
Comment made about 250 parents, students, residents, and employees of the district
supporting WCUSD Superintendent
Spence is involved with issues in Placerville County, Orange County, South Bay, Claremont, and
other areas he does not live or work. This just reflects Spence's contempt for the public.
    School Board Meeting (May 2011)

“Where did you get the day laborers?”
Comment about another's hispanic family while campaigning
(October 1999)

"I was planning to work in the fields or
peoples yards for the day."
Comment made when asked about his plans and availability for a meeting on Ceasar Chavez Day
Board Meeting (March 2011)
“Go f*** yourself.”
Comment made to 40 year teaching veteran at School Board Meeting.
The teacher asked Spence to say hello to Spence's ill father who the teacher has known for 50 years.
Spence denies making the statement, although it was recorded and played to the public.
Board Meeting (Sep 2009)

"After the election I am going to f*** you.”
Comment leading to investigation for employee harassment
after Spence was told another candidate was supported by the teachers union.
Board Meeting (Sep 2009)

"...I deserve a medal..."
Comment made after Spence was found guilty of a historical pattern
of harassing, intimidating, and coercing school employees.
Board Meeting (May 2010)

"They're out to get me because I am a conservative."
Comment in fundraising letter.
No, they are not out to get you because you are a conservative!
They are out to remove you from office because you swear at teachers, and threaten employees

 "...unilaterally and without cause..."
Reason given for termination of Superintendent.
Spence will attempt to make the public believe he had valid reasons, but he does not!
Spence signed settlement in the case.
Board Meeting (May 2011)

"As with most conservatives my age,
Red Dawn is one of the greatest movies ever made."
Comment self explanatory
Red County (March 2008)

"I don't fire Superintendents.  Make life so miserable they quit."
Comment made to previous superintendents and fellow board members

"I did not realize we spent $12,000,000 on Willowood. 
I thought we had only spent Tonopah and state matching fund money.  
I thought we spent $8,000,000"
Received information a previous statement was incorrent.  
Spence was only $4,000,000 (50%) off.
Maybe this explains why we a have budget crisis
Comment at School Board Meeting (April 12, 2011)

"I think political skills make you a better chief of staff..."
Spence netted at least $30,000 as an advisor
to various political causes and campaigns, including Nation Right to Life
Full-time employee of Republican Assembly Member Curt Hagman
Owner/Partner of multiple businesses, Political Consultant, Full-Time State Employee, School Board Member
Where does he find the time with all employers?

"I did not call him an Ostrich"
Recording of comment made to district employee played for Spence prior to denial
Comment at School Board Meeting (May 2010)

"To bad we can't change state law to charge them 5%"
Comment regarding CAVA (California Virtually Academy) Charter fee. 
Spence wants to charge independent charter school his children attend 1%

"Generally, when people do this kind of stuff they're trying
to extort more money from the board"
School Board has duty to impartially investigate
In the prior two years Spence found to have harrassed and intimidated employees
Comment made after Superintendent filed complaint, not lawsuit.

Apparently pretending to be homeless for six days and five glorious nights
 in the summer heat near perfectly good showers, beds and air conditioning will bond us together spiritually.
Comment regarding spending time with family and friends.
Spence reflecting how out of touch he is with his own family.
Comment made in Flash Report (July 2011)


We do not need this self described
Political Operative and Blogger
 on our City Council

e-mail: Info@MikeSpence.Info

You are the 

 person to become informed.

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